Xi Jinping voices opinion on war in Ukraine in Russian media

20 MARCH 2023

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has spoken about his attitude to the situation in Ukraine on the eve of his visit to Russia.

Source: Xi Jinping in an article by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a Russian state-owned newspaper

Quote: “We have seen a total escalation of the Ukrainian crisis since the beginning of last year. China, based on the very essence of what is happening, has consistently taken an objective and unbiased position and has been making active efforts to promote reconciliation and peace negotiations.

A number of views I have outlined are China’s basic principle in the Ukrainian settlement. These include the need to abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect the legitimate security concerns of all states, support all efforts to peacefully resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and ensure the stability of global production and supply chains.

The recently published ‘China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis’, taking into account the rational concerns of all parties, reflects the unity of the international community’s views on overcoming the Ukrainian crisis.

The document is a constructive factor in neutralising the consequences of the crisis and promoting a political settlement. Complex problems do not have simple solutions.

We are convinced that a rational way out of the Ukrainian crisis and a path to lasting peace and global security will be found if everyone is guided by the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and continues dialogue and consultations in an equal, reasonable and pragmatic manner.”

Details: In addition, Xi Jinping did not avoid the topic of Chinese-Russian relations.

His article states: “For more than 70 years, Chinese-Russian relations have come a very long way. Looking back, we are deeply aware that the current level of Chinese-Russian relations has not been easy, and we should carefully preserve the unfading friendship between China and Russia.”

The Chinese leader also points out that:

  • Russian-Chinese ties are constantly gaining new strength and serve as a standard for a new type of interstate relations.
  • The current visit to Russia is aimed at strengthening friendship and peace, and he is ready to outline new plans for the development of Russian-Chinese relations with Putin.

Background: Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed – ahead of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping  – that Russia was ready for a “political and diplomatic settlement” of the war of aggression against Ukraine. 

Reference: Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s official visit to Russia is scheduled for 20-22 March.


  • On 24 February, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published a so-called “peace plan” with its ideas for the settlement of Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy immediately stated that there are points in China’s so-called “peace plan” that can be worked with, even if he disagrees with “some of the thoughts”.
  • Western politicians criticised the Chinese initiative. In particular, US President Joe Biden suggested that China’s proposed peace plan would only benefit Russia.
  • On 19 March, Mykhailo Podoliak, Adviser to the Head of the Office of President of Ukraine, stated that China’s so-called “peace plan” lacks balanced logic and contains contradictions.

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  1. Lots of doublespeak and no mention of the arrest warrant for the bunker monkey. I don’t trust China one bit. I only hope for them seeing the necessity to have mafia land defeated.

    • A chicom expert does a bit of punditry for The Times and attempts to explain the chicom standpoint. :-


      I conclude that Jinping is a slippery fuck with no compassion for Ukraine whatsoever.
      The word salad above offers nothing: except tacit support for the genocidal nazi rodent.

  2. “The current visit to Russia is aimed at strengthening friendship and peace, and he is ready to outline new plans for the development of Russian-Chinese relations with Putin.”

    Only an evil motherfucker would seek to develop friendship with a genocidal nazi.

    • I’m sure the Chinese commies are happy as a lark as long as there is a war in Europe. Secondly, where is the freedom-loving leadership? Do they not understand that if putin succeeds in Ukraine the Autocrats will be emboldened?

  3. Had russia been sweeping across Ukraine taking city after city, there would be no mention of any peace talks. Now that Putler’s rapists are going to be on the receiving end of a huge counteroffensive, every shithole country aligned to the terrorist state, wants peace talks. South Africa and the UAE are the latest countries offering to mediate peace talks. Ukraine can offer peace negotiations when the russian army is destroyed and left in tatters on Ukrainian soil.

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