They wanted to create a network of their own regional committees: underground cells of the Communist Party were neutralized in Ukraine  

Underground cells of the so-called Communist Party of the Soviet Union were neutralized by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in six regions of the country and in Kyiv.

According to the press service of the SBU, underground branches existed in Kyiv, as well as in Kharkov, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa and Chernihiv regions.

After a full-scale invasion, the organizers tried to create an extensive network of their own regional committees in our state. Their activists were supposed to call for mass support of the Russian occupiers and equip commandant’s offices to collect intelligence and prepare enemy sabotage.

The head of the pro-Kremlin organization is Yury Shchipkov, head of the “Bolshevik Central Committee”, who is based in Moscow.

Supporters of the Russian Federation lured local residents into their ranks, including former and current military men who began their service during the Soviet era. The enemy recruited more than 45 people to cooperate, who used their own houses for secret meetings of members of the enemy underground and planning subversive activities.

Instructions to carry out criminal acts were received directly from the head of the Moscow “Central Committee” through a specially created anonymous telegram channel. Ukrainian law enforcement officers prevented the implementation of enemy plans.

During searches at the place of residence of the defendants, law enforcement officers found Russian passports, unregistered weapons and ammunition, mobile phones with evidence of correspondence with a Russian curator, and pro-Kremlin campaign materials.

One of the organizers of the association was informed of a suspicion under Art. 109 (dissemination of materials with public calls for the forcible seizure of state power) and Art. 436 (public calls for unleashing a military conflict) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


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  1. The best answer to such filth is to use them as their god Stalin would have; as cannon fodder. Send them on an attack against their buddies in Bakhmut and see what happens.

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