It became known which countries agreed to jointly buy ammunition for Ukraine

Vitaly Sayenko20:14, 20.03.23

The project “Joint procurement of ammunition” was launched in record time, the European Defense Agency noted.

The European Defense Agency named 18 countries that agreed to jointly buy ammunition for Ukraine .

This is stated in a message on the agency’s website. In particular, 18 countries signed the project agreement of the European Defense Agency for the joint procurement of ammunition with the aim of providing assistance to Ukraine and replenishing the national reserves of EU member states.

This project opens the way for the 17 member states of the European Union and Norway to move in two directions: it is a two-year accelerated procedure for artillery shells of 155 mm caliber and a seven-year project for the purchase of various types of ammunition.

The following countries have already signed the agreement: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and Norway. There are still EU member states that have expressed their intention to join this initiative soon after completing their national procedures.

The project “Joint Procurement of Ammunition” was launched in record time by the European Defense Agency in order to respond to the call for the need for joint procurement of projectiles and faster unification, coordination and coordination of contacts by the European defense industry.

This project creates a solid foundation for the intention of the member countries to jointly purchase urgently needed shells for Ukraine.

It also sends a clear signal to industry and strengthens Ukraine’s support for a Russian war of aggression.

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  1. Sorry for the cynicism but I’ll believe Germany and Austria will really contribute when I see it. Until then big talk no action!!!

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