Hungary refused to buy a million ammunition for Ukraine together with its EU partners

Anastasia Pechenyuk17:03, 20.03.23

Hungary’s contribution of about 10 million euros will be used for other purposes.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Péter Szijártó stated that Hungary refused to participate in the EU project to purchase 1 million ammunitions for Ukraine.

According to the Hungarian publication Index , he stated in Brussels that pressure is being put on the countries that “advocate for peace”, but Hungary will continue to oppose military aid to Ukraine.

“I can assure you that Hungary does not want to give in to this growing and clear pressure. We insist on representing our own national interests. We also support the cause of peace. … The first proposal says that if a participating country supplies ammunition to Ukraine from its own available reserves, it will be financed from the common budget – the European Framework Program for Peace – in the amount of one billion euros. … We want peace, we will not participate in this action,” said Szijjarto.

At the same time, the Hungarian politician emphasized that his country “will not prevent others from doing what they want.” 

One percent of Hungary’s contribution of about 10 million euros will be used for other purposes.

“We are not buying ammunition to send to Ukraine, so Hungary’s contribution to this fund can also be used for general peaceful purposes,” said Szijártó. 

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