BelTA: KGB Officers Attacked With Grenades And Shoot At With Automatic Gun In Hrodna

(Updated) Propagandists report that a foreign citizen resisted the security services.


According to eyewitnesses, explosions and shots rocked the Belarusian city of Hrodna.

A subscriber of the MKB Telegram channel reports that explosions or shots were heard in Hrodna on Kurchatau and Vrubleuskaga streets.

Security services were noticed at the entrance of the house where the shots were fired. They were putting a man into a car.

Later, propagandist media stated that a foreigner was “liquidated” during the detention in Hrodna

“On March 19, 2023, a foreign citizen L. was liquidated in Hrodna on Kurchatov Street. The specified person was using automatic guns and detonating grenades, offering armed resistance to the A Group KGB special forces fighters,” BelTA writes.


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