“We are praying for you”: a show was arranged for Putin with the “people of Mariupol” (video)

Marta Hychko11:07, 19.03.23

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The leader was brought to the rebuilt residential complex, where he was allegedly “glorified” by local residents.

A show with a mask was arranged for the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during his alleged visit to Mariupol . The propagandists gathered several people who were passed off as local residents. They glorified the “king” and thanked “for the victory”.

Russian propagandists showed videos with the “Mariupol people”. In the footage, residents of the destroyed city allegedly say that they were left with nothing, but they still thank Putin for a “little piece of paradise” in the form of rebuilt apartments.

“Thank you for the victory. We are praying for you. We have waited. This is a small piece of heaven,” the “locals” told Putin.

https://www.unian.ua/player/DtPnfEYtThey put on a show for Putin, allegedly with the people of Mariupol

The “Mariupol. Resistance” movement identified some of the “heroes” of the propaganda videos. In particular, the man in the blue jacket on the video, who happily shook hands with Putin, allegedly – Oleksiy Khavyar. He lived in Kalmius district of Donetsk region.

The traitor from the video was identified / "Mariupol. Resistance"
The traitor from the video was identified / “Mariupol. Resistance”

The woman who “prays for Putin” – Iryna Volosatova. Previously, I lived with my parents in a house at 77 Miru street in Mariupol. The woman’s neighbors said that she ransacked several neighboring apartments.

“I was always in favor of Russia, dissatisfied with everything, the Ukrainian government and life in Ukraine – you can see the result in this video. She told herself to be 15 years old, even if she didn’t like it,” said the traitor’s neighbor.

Another traitor identified / "Mariupol. Resistance"
Another traitor identified / “Mariupol. Resistance”

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  1. Alas, traitors can be found in every country on this planet. They are, of course, the lowest sort of scum if they betray an innocent nation being murdered and ransacked and destroyed. They are the ones who pray the most that their evil buddies won’t be driven out again.

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