The Ministry of Defense explained why Putin came to Mariupol at night

Yury Kobzar18:34, 19.03.23

Putin’s trip to Mariupol was not spontaneous, as the Kremlin insists.

The Kremlin’s decision to arrange Vladimir Putin’s visit to Mariupol at night is explained by security and propaganda considerations. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine .

“As befits a thief, Putin visited Ukrainian Mariupol under the cover of night. First of all, it is safer. In addition, the darkness allows him to highlight what he wants to show,” the military said.

It is also emphasized that at night it is easier for security services to protect Putin from unplanned meetings with the few residents of the city who survived the Russian bombings.

Putin’s visit to Mariupol

On Sunday morning, the Russian mass media reported on Vladimir Putin’s overnight visit to Mariupol. It is claimed that he flew into the city by helicopter , and then got behind the wheel of a car and drove through the streets, inspecting the city.

Russian propaganda also showed a “joyful meeting” of the people of Mariupol with the Russian dictator. Later, the participants of the meeting were recognized . They turned out to be Mariupol marauders and lovers of the “Russian peace”.

Commenting on Putin’s visit to Mariupol, the Office of the President of Ukraine noted that criminals are always drawn to the crime scene .

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