Russia’s Investigative Committee reacts to German Justice Minister’s statement on Putin’s arrest

19 MARCH 2023

Alexander Bastrykin, Head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, has tasked the Russian Prosecutor General with giving a legal assessment of the German Justice Minister’s statements regarding dictator Vladimir Putin’s arrest.

Source: Investigative Committee of Russia

Quote: “The Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee tasked the central office of the agency with giving the necessary legal assessment of the statements of the German Minister of Justice on the implementation of the illegal demand of the International Criminal Court to arrest Russian citizens in Germany as part of the inspection.”

Background: Marco Buschmann, the German Justice Minister, has announced that he will execute an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin if he sets foot on German soil.

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  1. To translate the mafia statements:
    We are at a loss for words, lies, excuses, denouncements, or hateful rhetoric … for now.

    • Do you remember a couple of years ago Vladolf changed the Constitution to reflect that International law is inferior to russian law? I think they are about to find out how laws work. They can whine all the way to the gallows.

      • Right. Of course, I remember. The runt regime changed many laws to help make his power grow. But, that growth is like cancer for mafia land.

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