Putin knows that the Armed Forces are preparing a “rain of fire” for Crimea: he is ready to surrender – expert (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko21:11, 19.03.23

The former adviser to the head of the OP Oleksiy Arestovich pointed out the atypical behavior of the leader of the Russian Federation during his visit to Crimea.

The leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has already mentally said goodbye to his imperial “pearl”, the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula. He knows that the Armed Forces of Ukraine plan to inflict a massive fire impact on this territory as part of their counteroffensive .

This was announced by the former adviser to the Office of the President, Oleksiy Arestovich, during a conversation with Russian blogger Mark Feigin. As part of a joint broadcast, they discussed Putin’s trip to Crimea. 

“If on the anniversary of Crimea’s “accession” there are no public promises to protect it, it means that Putin simply does not want to be “responsible”, – noted Arestovych. 

He mentioned that during his visit to the peninsula, Putin was very silent and did not promise to provide the Crimeans with fresh water, protection, the “strength” of the Russian army, or at least the Crimean bridge that survived the HIMARS surface-to-air missile.

According to Arestovych, the Russian army is actively strengthening its defenses and digging trenches on the peninsula, and this also indicates that the Kremlin has mentally come to terms with the possible surrender of Crimea. 

“Let’s build this chain once again. Crimea is the jewel in Putin’s crown. It is the crown of his 22-year rule, the quintessence of his policy… and now this pearl is being removed from Putin with surgical tweezers, and he is not even trying to resist,” – op’s former advisor believes.

According to Arestovych’s forecast, Ukraine, together with the West, will achieve the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the administrative border of Crimea, and then massive firepower will begin on the peninsula. Moreover, Putin is well aware of this prospect, he stated. 

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  1. The runt does seem to look a bit meeker than usual. I think the ICC arrest warrant shocked him into reality. Another reality shock is the fact that he’s come to the final conclusion that his trash army is, well, trash.

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