Poland will enter the war if Ukraine loses to Russia – ambassador

Evgenia Sokolenko22:06, 19.03.23

He stated that in this case Poland will have no choice.

If Ukraine loses the war with the Russian Federation, Poland will be forced to enter the conflict.

This was stated by Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeric Roschyszewski on the air of the LCI TV channel , commenting on the decision to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine. According to him, Warsaw will have no choice.

“Therefore, either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or, if it does not, we will be forced to get involved in this conflict, because our values, which are the basis of our civilization, are under threat, so we will have no choice,” – said Roschyshevsky.

The famous Russian political scientist Anatoly Nesmiyan  explained that this is a direct threat to the Kremlin. In addition, Poland itself will determine what exactly is considered a defeat, since this is a rather vague wording.

“In general, Poland will independently determine when Ukraine is defeated and is ready to engage in hostilities independently from NATO. NATO, by the way, in this case will not apply the provisions of its charter on the protection of a member of the organization, since the Poles will clearly not be acting on their territory, therefore, there is no direct threat to Poland itself. But if it appears, then the situation will be different,” he said.

According to the political scientist, this is quite a strong threat, because in this case, Kaliningrad will be in a very vulnerable state.

“Our great combiner (Putin – UNIAN) has already managed to almost accept Finland into NATO, which makes the possibility of the Baltic Fleet going to the rescue of Kaliningrad very problematic. Therefore, the introduction of Polish armed forces into the territory of Ukraine will be reinforced by two threats – in the event of an attempt to threaten Poland directly, it has the possibility of an asymmetric response in Kaliningrad, and in the event of at least one attack on the territory of Poland, the whole of NATO will be forced to step up to the events,” Nesmiyan concluded.

The war in Ukraine: the role of Poland

Poland has strongly supported Ukraine since the beginning of the war. This country, in particular, was one of the first to agree to transfer tanks to the Armed Forces, and then combat aircraft.

As UNIAN reported, on March 9, Slovak Defense Minister Yaroslav Nagy said that Slovakia and Poland can transfer their MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine under a joint procedure  .

It is worth adding that Poland has launched the most extensive rearmament campaign of its army in the last 50 years , aiming to make it the strongest on the European continent.

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  1. The Poles have very big brass ones. My respect for this country almost equals that of Ukraine!

  2. The poles are genetically and socially closer tied to most ukrainians anyway. If this is not fake news, it is very good news. We will have WWIII anyway if Putler stays in power.

  3. How does this help Ukraine? They should be saying that they will not allow Ukraine to be defeated in the first place.

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