Kremlinologists comment on the arrest warrant

Alarming one from Bill Browder:

Mark Galeotti:

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  1. Yes, unfortunately, China could be a game changer in this war. However, this is in part due to our own faults. If the West hadn’t dragged its feet so much, from before the war even started until this very moment in time, this war could already be over or close to it, and it would have sent a much stronger signal to China and the other trash countries on this globe. If we hadn’t strengthened China so much during the past decades, it would never be in a powerful position to help mafia land. How much is still being sold in Western markets that say “Made in China”? We haven’t learned a thing. But, the biggest mistake remains the lackluster military aid to Ukraine and the general antipathy to strikes inside mafia land by Ukraine. As we’ve said all along, this general reluctant approach is costing us dearly now, and could cost us dearly even more.

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