US confirms use of Chinese munitions in Ukraine – Kyodo

Anastasia Pechenyuk14:55, 18.03.23

It is not clear if they were supplied by China.

The United States of America allegedly confirmed the use of Chinese ammunition on the battlefields in Ukraine and suspect that they were fired by the Russians, writes the Japanese edition of Kyodo News , citing sources in the US government. 

According to sources in the US administration, the origin of the ammunition is still unknown – it is not clear whether they were supplied by China. 

Sources do not disclose what kind of ammunition was found, but claim that they were produced in China – this was established after analyzing their composition and other factors. 

If the fact that Beijing is providing ammunition for Russia’s war of conquest is confirmed, it could further fuel tensions between the US and China. Earlier this week, Biden said he expected to talk to Xi soon , without giving specifics. During past talks with Xi, the US president warned the Chinese leader of the grave consequences for China if Russia were given military support. 

Kyodo sources say Washington is “vigilant and continues to closely monitor” the situation and is ready to take action. 

Aid to Russia from China – what is known 

China avoids calling the war in Ukraine a “war” and is increasingly trying to present itself as a neutral intermediary between Moscow and Kiev. These efforts did not provoke a lively response from the West. For example, the European Commission believes that China cannot be a mediator in the negotiations, since the country obviously chose a side, and this is not Ukraine.

There was ample evidence that Beijing was providing non-lethal aid to the Russians . And Politico claimed that in June-December 2022, Chinese companies sent the Russians 1,000 assault rifles , drone parts and other equipment that can be used for military purposes. US officials have also said that Washington has intelligence that indicates Beijing is considering sending arms and ammunition to Russia.

China has repeatedly denied any intention to supply Russia with weapons and accused the United States of providing weapons to Ukraine by its American partners to protect it from the Russian aggressor. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese leader plans to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time since the start of a full-scale war . Probably, the conversation will take place after a visit to Moscow for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week.

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  1. Well, be it as it may, in the States, in the world of firearm owners, Chink ammo is generally a no-go. It’s not recommended. However, there are maybe billions of rounds of Chinese ammo all over this planet. I’m sure that some ruthless scum are providing the mafiosi with cheap chink ammo.

    • Yes, for example the Iranians have them.
      I don’t trust the Chinese and they could very well be directly delivered, but Chinese ammo is not directly evidence of Chinese support, although it is a smoking gun.

  2. “According to sources in the US administration, the origin of the ammunition is still unknown – it is not clear whether they were supplied by China.”

    How about China sending them to Iran, who pass them on to the mafia state? Either way, China are supplying russia with ammunition.

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