The occupiers cried to Putin after the “massacre” near Avdiivka: they were cleared by 70% (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko18:01, 18.03.23

For some reason, Russian soldiers decided that the leader of the Russian Federation would take pity on them and would not send them to storm the Ukrainian front again.

The occupiers recorded another “complaining” video message to the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the criminal actions of his command, which uses them on the territory of the so-called “DPR” as cannon fodder.

The Russian soldiers specified that they belonged to the 138th brigade (military unit 02511), they were mainly mobilized to fight in Ukraine from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The corresponding video is published by Sota . 

The occupiers “wept” that they were sent to storm the fortified areas near Avdiivka (Donetsk region) practically with “bare” hands. 

“We were sent to storm the Ukrainian region near Avdiivka without reconnaissance, without proper training and artillery support, without communication with other divisions. As a result, the losses amounted to about 70% of the personnel,” the soldier said on behalf of his detachment in the video.

He “told” Putin that now he, along with the remaining pack of soldiers, was going to be sent to fight further, to another sector of the front. Even those who are no longer able to fight are driven to the battlefield, the occupier said.

The Russian soldier naively hoped that the Russian dictator would pay attention to the fact that the “newly mobilized” were immediately sent to assault brigades to the front, because earlier, as the “speaker” himself noted, several other detachments had already recorded similar appeals to Putin. recorded another complaint-appeal to Putin

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