Reserves burned down in Bakhmut: the southern group of the Russian Federation is critically weakened

Yuri Kobzar17:38, 18.03.23

While Ukraine prepares for the big spring offensive, Russia burns out its reserves in Bakhmut.

The southern grouping of the Russian occupation troops is experiencing a critical shortage of personnel and military equipment , since the Russian command sends all the replenishment near Bakhmut and other “hot” directions. This was stated by military expert Alexander Kovalenko .

According to him, the necessary replenishment stopped coming to the Kherson-Zaporozhye direction from the beginning of 2023. Even then, many Russian units there had 70% of the regular number of soldiers and 30-50% of the regular number of military equipment.

“As the intensity of the fighting in the area of ​​Bakhmut, as well as Ugledar, Marinka, Avdiivka, and the saturation of the Luhansk region with forces and means for the attack on Liman and Kupyansk, the provision of the South has deteriorated several times and today has lost the minimum acceptable volumes for the group” , – says Kovalenko.

The expert notes that the advanced units of Russian troops in the south do not receive compensation for current losses in equipment, and often cannot replenish their ammunition. Many units here are armed mainly with infantry weapons, while the problem with the shortage of heavy equipment is only getting worse day by day.

“One can only imagine what will happen with the provision of advanced units and the entire South in general, if the development of events there intensifies several times and the need for logistics increases by 3-4 times or more,” Kovalenko notes.

War in Ukraine – latest news

The enemy troops in the area of ​​Avdiivka and Maryinka were reinforced with a special forces unit of the 98th Airborne Assault Brigade. According to the speaker of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction, Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, this indicates the desire of the enemy to encircle Avdiivka .

For a long time, the city of Bakhmut and its environs remained the hottest direction on the front. A fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the 5th separate assault brigade Yuri Sirotyuk “Mamai” noted that at present the peak of fighting for this city has probably already passed .

Even from the Russian side, there are opinions that Ukraine was able to impose a battle for Bakhmut on Russia on favorable terms. This assessment is given by the Russian war criminal and terrorist Igor Girkin-Strelkov .

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