Explosions and shooting in Occupied Sevastopol

18 MARCH 2023

Photo: Explosions and gunfire are heard in occupied Sevastopol in the morning (Getty Images)

It has been restless in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol since morning. Locals hear explosions, as well as sounds similar to shooting.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to local Telegram channels.

It is indicated that explosions are heard at approximately equal intervals of time.

“What’s going on in Sevastopol? People, what’s going on? It’s early for fireworks! … About two minutes later, they hear explosions from the harbor side of Sevastopol. There’s clearly some kind of firefight in Inkerman! All the loud sounds are coming from there,” those who are concerned are writing in networks.

Pro-Russians suggest that it allegedly could not have been a shootout, but “a drone has arrived and now the air defense is working” and are urging to wait for information from the occupation authorities.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities did not comment on the situation in any way.

Earlier, a fire broke out in Sevastopol, as a result of which six people died, at least two more were hospitalized.

Recall that recently in the temporarily occupied Kerch in the west of Crimea, a fire broke out on the territory of the former iron ore plant.

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  1. Nice. It’s never a bad idea to let the enemy know they are nor forgotten, even far behind the front lines.

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