Ukraine will immediately receive 240 Volvo trucks from one of the NATO countries

Belgium will send 240 Volvo military trucks to Ukraine.

This  was reported by  the Belgian publication De Standaard with reference to the statements of the Ministry of Defense of the country,  the Industrial Portal reports  with reference to  the Military .

The first cars will be sent to Ukraine next week. It is reported that the vehicles will be used to deliver troops and equipment.

According to the publication, the Belgian army has about 400 Swedish-made Volvo trucks in reserve.

In the Belgian army, the truck family consists of: Volvo Cargo, Volvo Shelter, Volvo Fassi and Volvo Manumat.

The Ministry of Defense is convinced that the 240 vehicles that will be handed over to the Ukrainian army are in good condition.

“Ukrainians are not delivered anything that they themselves did not ask for and do not need,” said a high-ranking Belgian military officer.

Volvo Fassi special car. Photo from open sources

Defense Minister Lyudivin Dedonder says that every Ukrainian issue is checked for its impact on Belgian defense and the capabilities of defense enterprises.

“I confirmed on Wednesday at the Ramstein-10 Defense Contact Group of Ukraine that our country provides all possible support and will continue to do so,” Lyudivin Dedonder said.

She noted that in addition to the delivery of trucks, 100 Belgian instructors are also on their way to train Ukrainian soldiers.

“The emphasis is often placed on the supply of weapons, but Ukrainian units are also very much waiting for these trucks. During the war, logistics is no less important than weapons,” emphasized the material resources service of the Ministry of Defense of Belgium.

These trucks have been in service since 1992. The Army plans to phase out these trucks and replace them with newer ones. The phase-out of vehicles was planned for several years, but it was decided to accelerate this process. The publication said that the Belgian army can hand over most of the trucks to the Ukrainian army.



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