Turkey launches approval process for Finland’s NATO membership bid – Erdogan

Irina Pogorelaya17:43, 17.03.23

At the same time, the Turkish president noted that there is no positive attitude towards the application of Sweden.

Turkey’s parliament will start approving  Finland’s application for NATO membership.

This announcement was made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports  Anadolu . He noted that the Turkish parliament will approve Finland’s application for NATO membership before the elections scheduled for May.

Finland has taken “concrete steps” to answer Ankara’s security questions, he said. As the Turkish leader explained, the decision to separately consider the applications of Sweden and Finland to NATO arose due to “the absence of accomplices of terrorists in Finland, which cannot be said about Sweden.”

“Finland in NATO will contribute to global security and stability,” Erdogan said.

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  1. That still leaves Putler’s right hand man in Europe. Orban hasn’t agreed to accept either country yet.

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