“The explosion in the building of the FSB is the first sign”: a wave of terror and sabotage is expected in Russia


The bloody war unleashed by Putin with Ukraine, which was originally conceived as a quick walk, led to an unexpected result for the Russians. Today, in different regions of the Russian Federation, unknown whose drones are flying and explosions are thundering. True, the fact that it is time to forget about a quiet life has not yet reached everyone, but the “fireworks” that took place in Rostov in the FSB building “cheered up” the Russians in earnest. On the same day, another incident happened.

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Undermining the FSB: hussars, be silent!

The emergency in the building of the border guard of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Rostov-on-Don caused a real panic in the city. The whole area was covered in smoke, the raging fire was hardly extinguished, and the detonated ammunition created a complete illusion of presence in the combat zone.

The local governor hastened to declare: they say, the cause of the emergency, most likely, is the short circuit of the electrical wiring. Later, the FSB itself published an official comment. They said that the explosion occurred in a repair shop in the border control garage due to the ignition of fuels and lubricants.

Versions of a short circuit and “just a fire” were refuted by eyewitness accounts, as well as video recordings that appeared on the network: at first it was an explosion, and only then a fire broke out.

In the Russian segment of Telegram, “zrada” immediately rushed, and most of all they ridiculed the inability of the FSB to ensure their own security.

The border department of the FSB in the Rostov region is responsible for protecting the border with Ukraine. However, the media of the aggressor country not only did not put forward versions about the possible connection of the state of emergency in Rostov with the war against Ukraine, but in general gave out information very sparingly.

fire and explosion Rostov

“The situation, of course, is shameful for the FSB. An explosion, a fire, a collapse of a building, several dead faces – here, as they say, a complete set. Photos and videos spread around the world media, so they” became famous “in full. Russia was not recognized as the only “true”, in the end it will still be a disgrace,” an OBOZREVATEL interlocutor in Ukrainian intelligence believes.

In his opinion, it is precisely for this reason that the Russian media did not (as usual) look for a “Ukrainian trace”: to recognize the possibility of sabotage in the FSB building – what could be worse?

“This would show the absolute helplessness of the ‘all-powerful agency,'” the source says. True, in his opinion, Ukraine is definitely not worth blaming Ukraine for a “terrorist attack”: there are enough “internal enemies” on the territory of the Russian Federation.

explosion sabotage FSB

Zelensky also commented on the situation. On his Twitter page, Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office, wrote: “Any building of the FSB that burns or explodes in Russia, in particular in the Rostov region, clearly indicates that this is a manifestation of panic, a weakening of power control and Russia’s transition to a large internal conflict. Ukraine does not intervene, but watches with pleasure .”

explosion and fire FSB

Meanwhile, many Russians are convinced that the explosion in the FSB building is “the first sign, it will get worse.” True, this month the Russian border service gets it not for the first time: what is the raid on the border area of ​​”Bryansk saboteurs” worth .

The paranoia is getting stronger

On March 16, another incident occurred in the Russian Federation, which forced the Russians to panic again. In the Kursk region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the “Interception” plan.

In the orientation, which was sent to the heads of the territorial internal affairs bodies at the district level, it was reported that a jeep-pickup was being searched for on Ukrainian license plates. It allegedly contained five men in camouflage and with automatic weapons.

DRG in Russia

Russian Telegram channels also published photos of the three wanted men, including a woman.

Ukrainian saboteurs

Then information appeared that allegedly “Ukrainians are preparing a diversion”, but already in the Belgorod region – so they panicked there too. The scale has reached such a level that the governors of several regions of the Russian Federation had to intervene.

But in the end it turned out that the “armed Ukrainian DRG”, which was intensively searched for in the Oryol, Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions, turned out to be a fantasy of an offended driver .

According to Russian media, the Interception plan was announced after a Russian contacted him, who said that a suspicious pickup truck with Ukrainian license plates was rushing to Belgorod “to carry out terrorist attacks.” After some time, the same “Volkswagen-Amarok” was stopped in Valuyki.

“There are two men inside – an unarmed and frightened resident of the Kursk region and his relative from Kupyansk. According to them, they were going to get things . , Russian sources explained.

Nevertheless, this did not greatly reassure the Russians. And this is understandable: the level of trust in the special services and law enforcement agencies, after numerous false statements, is rapidly tending to zero. And given that in the Russian border area after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, “bavovna” happens every now and then and other surprises happen, you can already forget about a quiet life. So the “wave of terror and sabotage”, which the Russians are very afraid of, may well become a reality.


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