Putler organised a fake referendum on this day in 2014

From the LinkedIn page of Martin Vrecko

Mar 17

On this day in history. 16th March 2014. In the West, we pretend that Russia started the war only a year ago. This is how we hide our own failure to react properly during 2014-2022. This failure was also due to Russian effective propaganda. One of the lies was the so-called “separatists” in southern and eastern Ukraine. So what is wrong with the photo? After occupying Crimea, Putin organised a fake referendum on this day in 2014. These three goons then went to Moscow to sign the annexation to Russia on behalf of Crimea. They were all Russians, none of them from Crimea, not even from Ukraine. Aksyonov, Konstantinov and Chaly. You can’t be a “separatists” or a “rebel” in a country that isn’t yours. Most of the “separatist leaders” were national socialist extremists sent there by Moscow (see comment below for details). Putin knew that it was more persuasive, if Western politicians, professors and the media feed us his lies and promote his interests. Some of them are bribed and some of them really like Putin’s totalitarian regime, and I don’t know, which is worse.

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Most of these fake “separatist leaders” were not from Ukraine (Girkin, Aksyonov, Antyufeyev, Borodai, Bolotov, Chaly, Demushkin, Dremov/Dryomov, Konstantinov, Kozitsyn, Mozgovoy, Pashkov, Pavlov, Trapeznikov, Tsypkalov…). >>

National socialism among Putin’s mercenaries Wagner is well known.
But this ideology is prevalent among most groups fighting for Putin:
Wagner: https://lnkd.in/dTd3zWHU
Rusich: https://lnkd.in/dFn_2h-w
RNU: https://lnkd.in/d43zbYbw, https://lnkd.in/d3Syh9Ee
RIM (RIL) even trains Westerners: https://lnkd.in/eVUwcv9z
Sparta battalion: https://lnkd.in/dfFga-sj
ENOT: https://lnkd.in/dxKdS2yJ
Eurasian Union: https://lnkd.in/ddF7V7pE
Somalia battalion: https://lnkd.in/dC4c3v2X
Russkie: https://lnkd.in/eZs4HviW,

The West was warned about this by Jewish organisations:

They also had ties to criminal gangs and a many of these “leaders” died because of the infighting (see image).

So should we deliver more weapons to Ukraine? Their army is what stands between Europe and these Putin’s thugs.

Comment from Ken C. :

The so-called ‘separatist’ militants also known as LGM “Little Green Men” were led by Igor Girkin… Wikipedia: “also known by the alias Igor Ivanovich Strelkov (Russian: И́горь Ива́нович Стрелко́в ), is a Russian army veteran and former Federal Security Service (FSB) officer who played a key role in the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, and later the war in Donbas as an organizer of militant groups in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).” Girkin/Strelkov is the ‘genius’ who accidentally took credit for shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 before he erased those texts. Girkin/Strelkov was born in Moscow.
Back in 2014 Igor Strelkov fooled western media into referring to him as a Ukrainian rebel: Three pro-Russia rebel leaders at the centre of suspicions over downed MH17; Igor Strelkov, Igor Bezler and Nikolai Kozitsyn reportedly discussed the shooting down of a plane soon after jet exploded

Comment from George Jankauskas:

Martin Vrečko : true more sanctions need to shut natasha up.

Graeme Warnell:

Lets not forget Paul John Manafort Jr. the American lobbyist, political consultant, and attorney. A long-time Republican Party campaign consultant, he chaired the Trump presidential campaign from June to August 2016. Manafort was basically the campaign advisor for the Russian puppet president in Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych …….. who of course now lives in Russia.

Reply from Ross Fleming :

Yes, Paul Manafort gets a mention in Craig Ungers book House of Trump, House of Putin, which gives a very good insight into Trump and his relationship with Putin and the Russian Mafia.

Dr Lazlo Nagy:

Many in the West believed what they (we) wanted to believe. In hindsight, with the benefit of hindsight, we should have waken up to the ugly thruth in 2014, latest.
Speaking for myself, in 2006-07 I’ve been a couple of times in Moscow and Kiyv. At that time many of us hoped that Ukraine and Russia would move along the bumpy path to more freedom, transparency, accountability, and a civil society. While Ukraine has made decent progress until now, little did we know how far the Putinist capture of Russia already progressed back then, complemented by FSB infiltration abroad. Even before Putin came to power in 2000, it was a lot worse than anyone could have imagined.

Marijn Markus:

The separatist lie worked way too well.
It is as if we couldn’t see.
Or didn’t want to see.


  1. The lies of mafia land worked because we had dumbass bimbos in our capital cities across the West.

    • Manafort; referenced in the comments, is a serious criminal who enriched himself from Ukrainian bloodshed.
      He ended up in jail for a minor fraction of the terrible crimes he committed, but was pardoned by his best palTrumpkov and allowed to keep his cash and vast property portfolio.

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