Karayeu Starts Talking About Armed Uprising Of Belarusians Against Lukashenka

Local residents will join the fighters if they break through the border.


Lukashenka’s regime is afraid of “local uprising” in the border regions.

This was stated by former interior minister, aide to the Belarusian dictator, Yury Karayeu, on air of the ONT TV channel. He did not specify whether it was the regions near the border with Ukraine, or with the EU countries as well.

Karayeu noted that the “actions of saboteurs” would be presented as “an uprising of the local population against the authorities”. He voiced the regime’s fears: if armed fighters from abroad enter the country, locals will start to join them.

It was known that “anti-terrorist exercises” were held in Klicheu district of Mahiliou region and in Yelsk and Buda-Kashaliou districts of Homel region. But there was no information that they involved all the districts.

As Charter97.org reported, fighters of the Kastus Kalinouski regiment have repeatedly stated that the Lukashenka regime can be defeated only with weapons in hand.

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  1. “…if armed fighters from abroad enter the country, locals will start to join them.”

    This is aimed at Ukraine. Strategically, taking Belarus would leave mafia land and many other nations thunderstruck and Ukraine in a powerful position. The crime gang might even not survive the political undulations, and/or their army might collapse.

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