“It will be difficult for Putin”: Britain promised to help the ICC in the process against the leader of the Russian Federation

Veronika Prokhorenko22:30, 17.03.23

The head of the Ministry of Justice, Dominic Raab, called on the partners to consolidate to conduct an investigation.

British Justice Minister Dominic Raab supported the International Criminal Court of The Hague in its decision to issue a warrant against Russian leader Vladimir Putin .

The official promised that London would help the ICC with a forensic medical examination and investigation of the charges against the Russian dictator, reports the BBC . 

“It will be, I suspect, a long process, but the same was said about Yugoslavia, about Rwanda, and many people responsible for the bloodshed ended up in court,” Dominik Raab said.

The British minister also noted that soon it will be “difficult” for Putin, because the arrest warrant from the Hague court automatically blocks his path to those countries that are members of the ICC.

For his part, Raab called on partners to support the process against Putin, because it is important that all activities to investigate this case be carried out with full technical support. Namely, forensic examination, interviewing witnesses and other aspects of the investigation. 

“This is what we will be doing here in London together with our Dutch colleagues and our partners around the world,” he concluded. 

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