Disturbing News From The US

One of the channels I follow on Youtube had his account cancelled by Patreon where he covers the russian invasion. He never shows any violence on his youtube channel, but saves the gory bits to show to his Patreon subscribers. Now it seems that Patreon is siding with the scum, and blocking anyone critical of russia, even though this guy tries to stay impartial.


  1. After a little digging around, it appears this Patreon is nothing but a company run by russian sympathisers.

    “During the 2022 Russian war in Ukraine, Patreon maintained their business in Russia despite international pressure on western companies operating in Russia to cease.

    At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Patreon closed the largest Ukrainian account run by Comeback Alive fund (savelife.in.ua), which raised money for helping volunteers and veteran divisions, on the grounds that the raised money was explicitly used to purchase weapons. Patreon uploaded a blog post on the first day of the invasion explaining its reasoning and listing links to other Ukrainian charities. “

    • Fucking scum. It’s not just big tech that likes to help putler. One of the world’s most respected fmcg companies; P&G, is STILL investing in new plant in putlerstan and employing thousands. No one should buy their products. Unilever aren’t much better. They own Ben & Jerry’s, who retain the right to promote their offensive millionaire hippy bullshit. These fucks are worse than Sanders/AOC. A tweet from them in early Feb 2022:

      “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.

      We call on President Biden to de-escalate tensions and work for peace rather than prepare for war.

      Sending thousands more US troops to Europe in response to Russia’s threats against Ukraine only fans the flame of war.”

    • Twitter is the same. They shut down many pro-ukrainian accounts, including mine, which had a link to this website in its profile. In my case they say it was my avatar, which i had for almost six months and i even posted on Biden’s account or Mr.T. Always got good feedback. Another friend’s account was closed for posting a link to YouTube. Twitter now forbids posting links to other social media. It’s disgusting. Would have moved to Telegram, but they wanted my phone number, and of course i won’t give it to them, for obvious reasons.

  2. Censorship is disturbing when the person targeted doesn’t deserve it. But at first I thought you were talking about American banks. Several big banks here have collapsed and are completely bereft of any money. Lots of financial panic right now.

  3. youtube and patreon really suck these days
    i hate how Google went from a progressive and innovative company with young zealots to a conservative company where only short term cash seem to matter.

    Where are the days Google was leading innovation with autonomous cars, Google Glasses and other weird but awesome ideas?

    a censored version of Google in China? No problem. Showing Crimea as Russian on Russian Google Maps? Why not.

    Destroying YouTube with insane amounts of advertisements, even obvious illegal scams such as piramide schemes are no problem.

    Appeasing dictatorships to make a quick bucks is easier than coming up with something truly innovative as the latter requires investment and patience, which shareholders and managers often don’t have.

    google used to be a company i would love to work for, but the inertia has undoubtedly set in.

    What is even worse that we are now witnessing the fall of many Western tech companies, such as Philips, Reseach in Motion, Grundig, HTC, HP and many many others, while Chinese are often doing much better as they don’t have annual shareholders meetings but often long term plans (sometimes even outright evil, such as Tencent collecting huge amounts of data for the Chinese government).

    Take Xiaomi, Lenovo and other companies as examples: they don’t mind small profits this year if it will give them a bigger benefit in 5 years.

    That is why I love Toyota: it is still a family business that doesn’t care if profit comes this year or next year, because in 25 years the company is still in the same hands. Better recalling millions of cars if there is an imperfection and operating at a loss this year then get a bad reputation that will haunt them for a decade. My 16 years old car did not need a single repair.

    end of rant about appeasing dictators and short term profits.

    • Google is FAR from Conservative, they are just now showing their hard Left globalist colors now. After all it is the hard Left that shuts down free speech like Hitler and Putin.

          • LOL. Good one.

            But seriously – the far-right examples are all using the government to shut down free speech. I suspect that your reference to the “hard Left” is referring to “cancel culture”, which is very different – it’s not the government taking away rights.

            If I misunderstood, please feel free to provide specific examples.

          • P.S. I’m not sure where you’re posting from. I’m in the USA, where discussions about the “right to free speech” refers to our “First Amendment rights” – the First Amendment prohibits the Government from abridging the freedom of speech. But there’s nothing saying that “social media” is obligated to give you a platform. Corporations are free to control what you can talk about on their platform. That’s not really limiting free speech, because you can always find another platform. Facebook won’t let you post hate speech? Go to Parler or “Truth Social”. Or, you can go to 8chan and spew all the racist hatred your black little heart desire.

            (“You” is not addressed at you personally.)

  4. I’ve been contributing to patroon for Kyiv independent and Ukrainian Pravda and European Maiden. . I thought patreon just took contributions for certain orgs. Didn’t realize it was into censorship. Am I wrong?

    • Here’s a statement from Kyiv Independent. Appreciate any thoughts on this org

      If you feel like pledging a monthly donation, you are welcome to become our patron on Patreon. Patrons contribute anywhere from $5 a month and enjoy benefits. Over 5500 people have become our patrons already.

    • Patreon is for paid content on Youtube subscibers. It allows channels to show content that is blocked by Youtube on the grounds of violence etc. Of course this only applies to the little fish. The big fish like CNN etc, can post whatever they like and not get blocked from Youtube.

      • I’ve been contributing to those three UKIE medias for over two years. Patreon will only accept a max of $100 per org so I’ve been maxing. I hope this isn’t some sort of scam. I’d be pissed. Really fuckin pissed. I’m going to contact the orcs and see if this is legit

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