Construction of a new transport interchange on Obolon will begin in Kyiv

This year in Kyiv, they plan to start construction of a new two-level interchange – at the intersection of Bogatyrska and Polarnaya streets.

This was reported by the “Kyivavtodor” utility corporation ,  Promyslovyi Portal reports .

The road company is finishing the development of design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction of the transport hub. The next step will be the announcement of the procurement procedure directly for the implementation of reconstruction works.

At the intersection of two highways, an intersection of the “incomplete clover leaf” type will be built. The design capacity of the hub is 11,200 cars/hour. This is many times higher than an intersection with a traffic light, which constantly delays traffic, causing traffic jams during peak hours.

A new junction in the Obolon district of Kyiv. Photo: Kyivavtodor

Driving from Polyarnaya Street to Heroiv Dnipra Street will be carried out through the overpass, which will have 6 traffic lanes. The length of the building is 125 m.

Bicycle lanes will be installed at the intersection, and a shared bicycle-pedestrian sidewalk will be installed at the overpass. The total length of the cycle paths is about 2.8 km.

The technical and economic justification for the reconstruction of the intersection has already been approved by the relevant order.

It is planned that, subject to regular financing, the reconstruction of the transport hub will last about 2 years.


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