The UN said that they did not see the genocide on the territory of Ukraine by Russia

Artem Budrin18:32, 16.03.23

However, the organization did reveal a wide range of other Russian war crimes.

The International Commission of Inquiry of the United Nations did not see signs of genocide in Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

“We did not find any genocide on the territory of Ukraine,” said Eric Mese, chairman of this commission of inquiry, in an interview with The Guardian .

However, the investigation team was collecting evidence and found “some aspects that may raise the issue” of the genocide of Ukrainians by Russia.

At the same time, the commission acknowledged that the Russian Federation had committed a wide range of other war crimes. Including deliberate killings, systematic torture and deportation of children.

In particular, more detailed details of torture by the Russian occupiers are given. They applied electric current and hung people from the ceiling in a “parrot pose”.

“The commission called the repeated attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure as potential crimes against humanity, which left hundreds of thousands without heat and electricity in the coldest months,” the report, which was published on March 16, says.

The report was created on the basis of more than 500 interviews, as well as satellite images and visits to places of detention and graves.

In addition to violations by the Russians, violations were also found in the actions of the Ukrainian military. However, they amounted to “an insignificant number” – most of the report focuses on the accusations against Russia, which denies atrocities or targeting of the civilian population in Ukraine.

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  1. Kidnap and deportation of children IS genocide, you fucking cocksuckers.
    As is the published material by RIA Novosti, putler’s version of Mein Kampf and the repeated threats of genocide by putinoid trolls on putler TV before and after the full-scale holocaust was unleashed last year.
    The Julia Davis YouTube channel : Russian Media Monitor has all the evidence that is needed.

  2. The definition of genocide:
    “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.”
    Only a room full of lawyers would believe this isn’t happening in Ukraine.
    Deliberate killing of a large number of people…check
    From a particular nation….check
    With the aim of destroying that nation….check.
    What’s the problem?…………..

  3. The UN has once again submitted proof that it’s a totally useless entity. It neither can prevent war, stop war, shorten war, nor identify genocide even when it’s practically screaming in its stupid face. This organization has lost all rights to exist, much less get our money.

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