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Mar 16

🇬🇧 #UK on ‘Russophobia’ at the #UN Security Council
“We want Russia to be a stable nation – just one that does not try to annex its neighbours.”

☝️ Fergus Eckersley turns the tables
On Moscow’s ‘we are the victim’ act,

✨ By first complimenting Russian #Culture
Then accusing the Kremlin of ruining that reputation

For a year, Moscow has cried ‘Russophobe!’

Whenever a person or nation objects to 😑
The ruthless invasion and colonization of #Ukraine

🤡 #Russia even demanded a #UnitedNations
Security Council meeting on the matter.

🤣 While refusing to acknowledge or discuss the war
They’re both waging and losing, badly.

Eckersley displayed calm and good #Leadership here

I’d have used much less polite terms.

Ethics #UnitedKingdom

StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

Video here, with comments:


Comment from Martin Vrecko:

“May I point out that terms that end in -phobia are used incorrectly most of the time. “Phobia” means an irrational fear (Greek: “phobos”, means “fear”). It doesn’t mean a dislike of a group. It also doesn’t mean a rational fear of a nuclear power run by a nutter. A real phobia is, for example, agoraphobia: fear of open spaces, or arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth. Yes, it’s real, you can look it up on the Internet.”


Along with Robin Horsfall, Marijn is one of the most respected pro-Ukraine contributors on LinkedIn. His loyalty was recently recognised by Bucha survivor Yana Rudenko, who wrote:

Finally met with Marijn Markus

When I was permanently deleted from LinkedIn, it made me realize how everything online can be fake. One day, you can just disappear and everyone you interacted with is gone. This experience led me to pay less attention to other social media platforms and instead organize more offline events in The Hague.

☝🏽 But there is but

I cannot deny that the digital world has connected me with people from all over the world and from different industries who share similar core values and perspectives. Many of these connections, I would have never met randomly.

When you share smth strong and core in common, it doesn’t matter whether we are connected online or offline.

I am grateful to be a part of a group of people from all over the world that stand with #Ukraine, but it is not even about Ukraine. First, War is more than just politics. Second, a position when there cannot be any gray zone reveals a lot about a person’s character.

I am overjoyed to be back on LinkedIn and eager to reconnect with all of you. I missed you a lot!

💙💛 #StandWithUkraine

P.S. Marijn a person who stands with Ukraine every single day got a special gift from me. It is bulava. For me, it is about strong beliefs and power.

Historically the bulava was an attribute of a hetman, an officer of the highest military rank, and of the Otaman of Ukraine or the military head of a Cossack state (Cossack Hetmanate).
The Ukrainian People’s Republic of 1917-1920 referred to the General Staff of the Ukrainian People’s Army as the “General Bulava”.


Finally, Yana wrote about Navalny:

#Oscar 🏆 What is wrong?

! a quick post without going into depth !

  1. Read about Navalny and his position regarding the invasion of 🇺🇦#Ukraine, the illegal annexation of #Crimea. He is definitely not a Ukraine’s friend, russia’s neighbours and indigenous people of russian federation
    1. 🤡 Navalny is an imperialist. 
Navalny has participated in far-right rallies, including the “russian March,” alongside ultranationalists, where protesters displayed a black Double-Headed Eagle on a golden banner, representing the Russian Empire and its absolute ruler, during the flag’s use between 1858 and 1896. Migrantophobia and #Kaukazophobia were promoted while it is russia who came there… When you praise nationalism but you are an imperialist yourself …
      1. In August 2008 opposition activist Navalny referred to 🇬🇪 Georgians by as “rodents”  

  2. Oscar is not an apolitical event if there “free russia” was said (and nothing against the brutal russian aggression against Ukraine, the WAR that right now russia is LEADING with millions of russians involved). It is not just an apolitical but very hypocritical. Read about China <> Oscar too
    1. Check what russian liberals said about their neighbours, Crimean Tatars, Indigenous people and they you will discover their true position. navalny is not putin but he is the same imperialist. 

❌ Not “free russia” but
      ✅ decolonized russia

P.S. I wouldn’t win the Oscar but I don’t have this purpose 🤣🤣

Yana’s video:



  1. I don’t want Russia to be a stable country.
    I want a Russia that keeps busy with internal problems, civil wars, nuclear accidents (only when the wind is not going West), natural disasters and other bad things so they will not be able to wage war.

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