Girkin wants “women” to rule Russia and hand out positions through the bed

Yuri Kobzar15:56, 16.03.23

The former field commander of the “DPR” found the optimal form of government in Russia – favoritism.

Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) said that he yearns for the days when “women reigned” in Russia, and government posts were handed out through the bed. The world-famous war criminal shared his nostalgia about the “glorious” past of the aggressor country in his Telegram .

“Watching the widespread squalor in positions of power, one involuntarily sighs about the times of Catherine’s Gray Eagles … women reigned, their favorites ruled and fought,” he wrote. 

Girkin noted that coming to power “through an alcove” was considered shameful even at that time, but he considers Catherine’s favorites to be more competent managers than the current leadership of the Russian Federation.

“Remembering Orlov-Chesmensky and Potemkin-Tavrichesky, and comparing them with the “products of the late Soviet petty bureaucracy” – it is impossible to resist a nostalgic sigh,” writes Girkin.

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