The defenders of the north of Ukraine held large-scale exercises. Naev explained the purpose of training

14 MARCH 2023

Photo: Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted assault training (Getty Images)

The defenders of the northern border of Ukraine held large-scale exercises. The military worked out assault actions in real combat conditions.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Command of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

The military, together with the command and instructors, conducted comprehensive exercises on tactical and psychological training of fighters.

The exercises were held to develop the skills of military personnel in performing assault operations as part of a unit in conditions as close as possible to combat operations. Defenders tested resistance to various combat effects, including explosions, flashes, any noises, screams, and the like.

“The obstacle course that the servicemen overcome is maximally saturated with various elements that require physical endurance, tactical and psychological training from the soldiers. It is difficult to study – it will be easier in battle. Of course, we will not reproduce everything that happens on the battlefield, but we will bring as close and prepare our servicemen,” said the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Serhiy Naev.

He added that this is not a new obstacle course, it has already been used to train paratroopers and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Naev noted that such training is necessary not only for fighters, but also for commanders so that they can quickly make decisions in combat conditions.

“As long as the situation permits, troop training is taking place in the Northern Operational Zone. Commanders and headquarters are also being trained. In addition, we continue to mine the state border of Ukraine, create new defense lines and positions. All this is necessary in order to strengthen our defense,” Naev emphasized.

Recall that in Spain, the Ukrainian military completed training on Leopard 2 tanks.

Also in Germany, the training of the Ukrainian military on Leopard 2 tanks is being completed.

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  1. Maybe the true goal of the next offensive is Belarus? Clearly, it’s a sitting duck now and a worthy target.

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