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Mar 15

Ukraine had a very limited number of weapons at the start of the war, and here is one of the main reasons why. From 2000 till the start of the Russian invasion in 2014, Ukraine had eight defense ministers. During those 14 years, corrupted government officials continued the gradual destruction of the country’s military strength. Russia most likely encouraged this by buying military equipment or supporting its destruction through financial manipulation. When we summarize the official records of decommissioned fighter jets (see pic), tanks, and artillery, the numbers are simply shocking.

From 2000 to 2014, Ukraine decommissioned 746 fighter jets, 3,561 main battle tanks, and 1,807 artillery pieces. Nobody knows where all these weapons went, and nobody cared about repairing or storing them. It was easier to sell them, to take them apart, or simply to sell them to the scrap metal yard.
Today, Ukraine is struggling and begging its allies to provide 300 tanks and 50 jets. If we had half of what we threw away, Ukraine would have been at the Russian border at the end of 2022.




decommissioned planes


  1. This abomination happened because a) Ukraine trusted the most evil, savage dictator since the days of Hitler/Stalin and b) because of embedded roosky mir-style corruption.
    It took until 2014 for Ukraine to have a decent leader. Now at last they have a really great one. Although none of us thought so until last year.
    God love Zel and get him and his Ukrainian state through putler’s Holocaust as quickly as possible.
    God willing, the cauldron of devilry will soon be where it belongs : down the shitter.

  2. Totally agree with you Scradge, except I always said give Zel a chance.

    Then as soon as the scum started I said he had a new look, the look of determination and resolve, he has proved me right.
    Thank God Ukraine has this Man and thank God he has performed as I hoped he would.

    • I was a supporter of Poro, but everyone I knew at the time wanted Zel. When he won, I also was determined to support him because I trust in democracy.
      He made some serious errors, but by God he has made up for it now.
      He understands that Russia will be in a state of war with Ukraine for as long as it takes for that terrible land to become civilised; which could be many decades away.
      Everything depends on Biden and the allies, who must provide everything that Ukraine needs to drive the savages out this summer.
      There will never be a better chance than now.

  3. Ukraine has hopefully learned extremely important lessons from past mistakes. Not only in military aspects but from corruption, oligarchs and trusting other nations too much.

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