From the FB site; українські націоналісти

🥰 Beauty and courage: 23-Year-old hospítalʹêrku named Ukrainian Lara Croft

Photo from Instagram: @naemnicaoligarha

And another, unnamed beauty:

💙💛 Ukraine


  1. Referring to the last pic, Olena Klim writes: “Образ цієї жінки може служити символом гордості і незламності української жінки.”
    “The image of this woman can serve as a symbol of pride and invincibility of the Ukrainian woman.”

  2. It’s so sad that such beauty must see the necessity to take up arms to defend her country. I respect and greatly honor such courage, but this regardless of looks and if woman or man.

    • She’s a medic. But she has to be able to handle a weapon of course. And in some ways her job is even more dangerous, since putinazi savages have no respect for medics. Or any other human with a heartbeat.
      The unspeakably evil motherfuckers shot at female medics in the Donbas long before putler’s full scale holocaust was unleashed.

      • Salutes and great respect for the medics. 🇺🇦
        Sir Scradge “The unspeakably evil motherfuckers shot at female medics in the Donbas long before putler’s full scale holocaust was unleashed.”
        Yep muskovia just as evil as they ever were, and more so now that it is on a wider scale. All allies must realize this genocidal terrorist war on Ukraine must be stopped NOW! Too many opportunities have already been missed resulting in the tragic loss of 10s of thousands of Ukrainian lives, 100s of thousands forcibly deported to muskovia, millions scarred, tortured, raped, deprived of loved ones, and property.
        I would like to see allies gather 15billion and the U.S. match it for total of 30 billion to modernize Ukrainian Air Force over the next 3 years prioritizing Immediate set up for 3 types of modern jets and 3 types of modern choppers. This being in addition to augmentation of current capabilities. This is a very reachable goal and with dedication from all partners in the project could very well be obtained under budget and ahead of schedule. I know Ukraine needs this all yesterday, but this would open up a lot now as well as looking into the future of “operation porcupine”.
        God bless Ukraine, show love and favor to the Ukrainians, and God bless the AFU and grant Ukraine be victorious against the rashist horde and the axis of evil.

      • Scradge, which law or rule of humanity did these subhuman creatures NOT break? I can’t think of a single one.

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