Column of Russian invaders moving from Kherson Oblast towards Crimea – General Staff

15 MARCH 2023

A column of invaders was spotted on Tuesday, moving towards occupied Crimea in the occupied part of Kherson Oblast.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Quote: “On 14 March, the movement of the occupiers’ column (in Kherson Oblast- ed.) towards Crimea was recorded, along with looted property.”

Details: The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also reported that Russia is conducting counter-sabotage activities in Kherson Oblast. According to the General Staff, in one of the settlements, the Russians accused residents of the village of killing a Russian soldier whose body was found.

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  1. The pattern is being repeated here. The scum loot everything not nailed down, then head for the hills before the good guys arrive.

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