Videos of a witty Ukrainian tractor-artillery operator “tear” the Net

Olga Robeyko 06:01, 14.03.23 UNIAN

Now the man is undergoing rehabilitation after being blown up by an anti-personnel mine.

The fighter did not stop joking even in the war / screenshot
The fighter did not stop joking even in the war / screenshot

A universal soldier, a tractor-gunner, a mortar, an author of videos with millions of views – this is all about Nikolay Zaritsky, a fighter from Belopolye. The 30-year-old soldier has repeatedly struck Ukrainians with courage and inspired optimism at the front.

And continues to inspire even now – after a serious injury and loss of a limb. The man has not lost his militant fervor and is already rushing to the front again, according to the TSN story.

In civilian life, the tractor driver Nikolai was a tractor driver, and he got to the front as a commander of a platoon of control of a jet battery, and then became a senior officer of a mortar battery. The quick-tempered military man filmed everything he managed to do between attacks – the battles for Lisichansk, the first victories during the liberation of the Kherson region, and even his own wound.

In the summer, a video with Nikolai, a tractor-artillery operator, near Lisichansk went viral on the net and gained 52,000 views.

On October 11, 2022, he hit an anti-personnel mine. This was followed by amputation, prosthetics and treatment in the United States. Humor, he admits, is what helps him recover.

After rehabilitation, Zaritsky still plans to return to the front. He also has plans for a peaceful life: to return to the Crimea, where he once became a 6-time champion of Ukraine in athletics.

His video breaks TikTok: artillery tractor driver shows war with humor

A video of how a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sings a lullaby went viral on the network

Earlier, the network conquered the video in which the Ukrainian military Oleg Berestovoy  sang to his son  a lullaby to his son “Sleep, dear cat, the Armed Forces are working.” The defender sang and played the guitar, and his child slept peacefully on a musical instrument.


  1. This is the spirit! It’s guys like Nikolay Zaritsky who give emotional and psychological buoyancy to his comrades, which helps to overcome, at least in part, the dreadfulness of a terrible war.
    Героям слава!!!

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