Ukrainian Lieutenant Colonel Promises Unpleasant Surprise For Russians

During the counter-offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use not only Western tanks.


Retired Lieutenant Colonel, armored vehicle expert Mykola Salamakha said that in April Ukraine will have two well-trained tank battalions, which will form the armored fist of two mechanized or motorized infantry brigades. But besides this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have a very large number of their own armored vehicles, which are now being repaired by army repair units both on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of friendly states.

The military expert spoke about this in an interview with Vasyl Pekhnyo for the Fabryka Novyn YouTube channel.

As Salamakha explained, preparations are underway today for restoration, including even a partial modernization of those tanks that were damaged in battles over the past year.

“And I think that by the time our troops go on the counteroffensive, we will have not just 150 vehicles in the ranks of our brigades, but also the ones that we are preparing by ourselves. And I think that this number is several times higher than what we will receive,” said the military expert.

“Let this be an unpleasant surprise for the Russians,” the presenter added.


  1. You can take this report with a grain of salt. There might be fewer tanks, there might be more, or this might be about right. But, whatever the case may be, the AFU general staff will closely follow Heinz Guderian’s principles when the counterattack commences.

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