“Be patient now”: Kadyrov advised the Russian military not to complain about the lack of ammunition

Anastasia Pechenyuk13:18, 14.03.23

The Chechen leader believes that the military themselves are to blame for the shortage.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov,  criticized the military, who post appeals on social networks and complain about poor provision and lack of ammunition.

There is never enough in a war, and this is no reason to bring up “internal issues” for discussion, Kadyrov believes.

In the spirit of Russian propaganda, he stated that Russia is not waging a war of conquest, but is fighting “the entire NATO bloc”, and is allegedly doing it so successfully that everything “works smoothly and flawlessly like clockwork.” And in general, according to Kadyrov, “the situation both in the country and in the ranks of combat units is many times better than it was a year ago.

And the leader of Chechnya blamed the military for the lack of shells. He said that they should now endure those who made a mistake, because “this is a war, not a resort.”

“A warrior does not shout – a warrior solves. It is necessary to look for a solution to the problem, and not gather in a bunch and write public appeals. Have you run out of cartridges? Why didn’t you warn the superior officer in advance that they were running out? A good fighter suddenly don’t end. Endure now at least a day, find yourself another task. Have you been given a map of a combat mission? Act, fighter! The execution depends on you. Think, distribute forces and opportunities, and do not stand with your mouth open. Nobody will run after you with zinc cartridges and dry rations to hand over exactly at the moment when yours run out,” he wrote in his Telegram.

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