AFU Forced Russians To Change from T-90s to T-62s

The IDF officer told what vehicles the occupiers will have to use for battles.


The other day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated a convoy of Russian T-90 tanks in the Luhansk axis. The defeat forced the Russians to switch to the T-72 tanks.

What vehicles will the occupiers have to use? talked about this with Yigal Levin, a military analyst and officer of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

– It’s not just about the T-72. We see that their tank plants are reactivating the T-62 tanks. Initially, they did not have a thousand T-90s for a big war. This suggests that all the forecasters who said last year that the tank industry would continue to degrade were right.

Russia can restore less than 10 tanks per month. There is a fact that the 103rd Armored Repair Plant (Zabaikalsky Krai) restored only seven T-62 tanks in a month. This plant is the only one that, working in three shifts, fulfilled the state order. The longer the war goes on, the more obsolete vehicles they will have. By the way, the reactivation of the BTR-50s is the same.

– How do Russian weapons look in comparison with the Leopard and Abrams obtained by Ukraine?


– Look, these vehicles should appear on the battlefields. We’ll see the first fights with these vehicles. Any Western tank, the Leopard, Abrams or Challenger, is head and shoulders above the T-72, T-62 and T-80.

Even if we consider the Russian T-90 with modern armors and the Challenger, then, of course, the T-90 can’t compete with them.

I would like to emphasize an important point that tanks do not fight tanks in modern warfare. There are really less than 1% of tank clashes even during the Russian-Ukrainian war and the full-scale invasion. Tanks with mobile guns are targeting firing points, enemy scouts, fortifications, infantry, armoured vehicles, and so on.

If we compare their performance characteristics, then all Western armors are three heads superior to Russian ones.

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  1. “Russia can restore less than 10 tanks per month.”

    They are losing much more every month that they can restore. And they want to fight for another three years?! Ludicrous!

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