A possible US presidential candidate called the war in Ukraine a “territorial dispute”

Yana Stavskaya08:57, 14.03.23

In his statement, DeSantis also criticized other Republicans committed to helping Ukraine.

The favorite of the Republican Party , a possible US presidential candidate in the 2024 elections, Ron DeSantis, rolled out a whole portion of anti-Ukrainian statements.

In an interview with ardent Ukrainophobe, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has repeatedly insulted Zelensky and Ukrainians, DeSantis called the war in Ukraine a “territorial dispute.”

In his opinion, military assistance in securing the borders of European countries is not in the interests of the United States, The New York Times quotes the words of a top Republican .

In his statement, DeSantis also criticized other Republicans committed to helping Ukraine. The politician added that he believes that Biden is doing too much for Ukraine without a clearly defined goal, and is taking actions that risk provoking a war between the US and Russia.

“While the United States has many vital national interests – securing our borders, overcoming a readiness crisis with our military, achieving energy security and independence, and testing the Chinese Communist Party’s economic, cultural, and military strength – they become even more entangled in territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis added: “We cannot prioritize intervening in an escalating war abroad and protecting our own homeland, especially since tens of thousands of Americans die every year from drugs smuggled across our open border. And our arsenals of weapons, critical to our own security , are depleted quickly.”

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    • DeSantis is no Putin lover and neither bought nor bribed by Russia.

      He is merely a devil who will sell his humanity for power. He will say “helping Ukraine is beyond us and a risk to our survival” to scare people into choosing him.

      Trump does the same. Vote for him or we will all die, or so he claims loudly.

      Russia will amp up the nuclear threat talk and DeSantis and Trump will echo it. I pray the war will be decided before the next election. People make irrational decisions when afraid.

  1. DiSantis has finally come out into the open and revealed himself to be as despicable as Trumpkov.
    A commenter in The Telegraph recently stated that DiSantis is not a democratic politician at all; he is in fact a caudillo. He has been proved to be spot on.
    Will the presence of two nazi-loving bastards competing for the GOP nomination help Ukraine? I’ve no idea. I would hope that decent Republicans will be so revolted by these that they will choose Haley, or someone like her.
    Should either Trump or DiSantis get nominated, then I hope that decent Republicans will vote for Biden.
    Of course Biden could head all this off this year by telling his Generals to devise a plan to enable Ukraine to achieve complete victory this summer. Put Gen. Hodges in charge and FFS get rid of Milley.

      • I confess it was new to me also when I saw it. I had to look it up! When I saw its meaning I thought it was just me; ie somehow I had missed it. But now I realise that it’s not so common.
        A good addition to the vocabulary.

  2. Trump said Putin must stay as President of Russia. No regime change in Russia he said. The rubles still fill his pockets!

    • I agree with Trump. Shoigu and his nazi allies would even be worse. Ukraine must win while Putler stays. I hope Nikki will get the ticket next year.

  3. DeSantis is an idiot. Really disappointed in him.

    I am comforted by the recent Gallup poll showing that Americans positive attitude towards Ukraine increasing, albeit a 1% increase to 68% and the fact that the percentage of Americans who are not familiar with Ukraine has dropped from 20% to 5%. That’s important as it shows all the effort to keep people informed by various blogs and media, including this site, is working.

    Now we just need to drive home the point that this is a repeat of 1938 and the consequence of ignoring a real threat.

    I also believe, which I was surprised to see, the EU with GREAT Britain are nearly equal in aid given to Ukraine with the US. That’s always been a pinky raised by the idiots. Sure the US has given more military aid but the EU has been right up there with humanitarian aid which is equally important. This really needs to be highlighted

  4. Most Americans support Ukraine, and so this asshole’s views might’ve cost him an X amount of points.

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