“Smart bombs” JDAM will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to break through the defense of the Russians – expert

Katerina Schwartz19:59, 13.03.23

The accuracy of these bombs is several meters.

JDAM bombs will help Ukrainian fighters break through Russian defenses.

Military expert and chief editor of Defense Express Oleg Katkov expressed confidence in this, recalling that the accuracy of these “smart bombs” is several meters, Channel 24 reports .

“If you install them on a Mark-84 bomb, which weighs about 90 kilograms, then you get one bomb – one protected firing point. One such bomb pierces 3.5 meters of concrete structures and is designed to destroy highly protected structures,” the expert said.

According to Katkov, unfortunately, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot use JDAM bombs for launches at 70 kilometers, since this requires high launch points, but they “fly away” at a distance of up to 40 kilometers.

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