S-400 air defense systems in Moscow: Russians massively cut down trees for air defense systems (photo)

Katerina Schwartz15:16, 13.03.23

It is reported that active deforestation was recorded in several districts of the Russian capital at once.

In Moscow, since the beginning of the year, trees have been massively cut down in parks and forests to accommodate air defense systems ( air defense ), writes The Insider .

It is noted that active deforestation was recorded in several areas at once.

At the same time, S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems have already been placed on the experimental fields of the Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy. A total of four launchers were seen. Also, a 92H6E radar station (radar) was deployed on the site to detect air targets.

Another site for air defense was the territory of the Losiny Ostrov park-reserve in the Bogorodskoye district in the north-east of Moscow. It is reported that the distance from the S-400 air defense system that appeared there to residential high-rise buildings is about 200 meters.

“Military experts warn that the placement of military facilities near high-rise buildings threatens residents,” the publication says.

It is also noted that the construction in the Kuryanovo microdistrict in the south-east of Moscow in the protected zone of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve caused the greatest damage to the environment. A huge forest area was destroyed there – about 100 hectares of forest:

In Moscow, trees are being cut down for air defense systems / photo theins.ru
In Moscow, trees are being cut down for air defense systems / photo theins.ru

“The forest began to be actively destroyed on January 25. The work went day and night at an incredible speed: it took a week to cut down, in another week the cut trees were processed into sawdust using shredders. Like the police, the workers confirmed that the cutting was carried out for defense purposes” .

According to a source in the Investigative Committee, “there is a possibility that a defense facility will be located on this territory.” At the moment, it is not known whether we are talking about the placement of the S-400 air defense system there.

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