Lukashenka praised Iran for circumventing sanctions: Tehran promised to share experience

Artem Budrin13:51, 13.03.23

Minsk continues to build relations with countries that oppose the West.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi held a meeting in Tehran with the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko . According to Belta , they also held talks on circumventing sanctions.

In particular, Lukashenko praised Raisi for how Iran successfully copes with Western restrictions.

“And how you, in spite of everything, develop modern technologies and nuclear energy. And, as we decided today with the President of Iran, we can be very useful to each other if we truly unite our efforts,” the dictator said.

In response, Raisi said that Iran would share a recipe for circumventing Western sanctions.

“Despite the threats and sanctions that are applied against the Islamic Republic of Iran, during this time we have been able to achieve high results and transform sanctions into opportunities. We are ready to share our experience with the friendly country of the Republic of Belarus in this direction,” Raisi added.

Lukashenka and Raisi signed a “road map of cooperation” together. It provides for comprehensive cooperation between Belarus and Iran in various fields, in particular political, economic, consular, scientific and technical, education, culture, art, media and tourism.

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    • The axis of evil is becoming more clear now that it appears Serbia, Turkey, Italy and Hungary are coming to their senses. Its ruzzia, Iran, China, Syria, Belarus and the Norks against the world.

        • They certainly don’t seem in much of a hurry. Russia is naked and afraid right now and the Chinese could walk right in…but they’re not. You think perhaps they are waiting to see if they can get the whole fucking country and not just Siberia?

  1. Are these statements being heard in Western capitols? If so, will they draw any conclusions?

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