I am back!

From the LinkedIn page of Bucha survivor Yana Rudenko

Mar 13

I am back!

After being banned for 1.5 months, I am finally back on LinkedIn. It seemed impossible, but it happened.

I want to thank all my friends who texted on my behalf and stood by me, supporting my voice.

I am here to share a unique perspective and tell a story that not many people have heard. As a Ukrainian who survived the russian occupation in #Bucha, #Kyiv region, and whose family has suffered suppression for generations, I understand the importance of protecting the freedom and democracy.

Don’t take it for granted



The photo is from the event that my friends and I organized in The Hague on February 24

Three months ago Yana posted this:

I am back to #LinkedIn after being blocked for 10-14 days … Try harder, russian bots 😜

Wait for more new content from me about #Ukraine, business values, and cancel culture


to speak up 
to resist when no one believes
to break the status quo
to walk on roads unknown to you
to make the impossible possible
to find the power to smile
to help weaker 
to push harder, even though everything around forces and encourages you to give up
to believe stronger in love and kindness, even though everyone around makes you lose heart 
to keep your way


StandforUkraine. We defend our future and our values. When no one believed in us, we resisted. 

It is not a fight between russian and Ukraine but between authoritarianism and democracy

✅ Support with a 5-dollar-donation Ukraininian resistance
The list of non-profit organizations that help Ukraine win are mentioned below in the comments

supportukraine #standwithukraine #standforukraine

russianwarcrimes #russiaterroriststate #russia

6 weeks later Prigozhin’s troll farm got her banned again. It took another 6 weeks for her to get back.

The muppets who run LinkedIn need to get their shit together.


  1. Something is seriously wrong with our social media providers when it takes mere seconds to get someone as innocent as Yana banned, but months to get unbanned. The evil mafia trolls are misusing this feature with glee, while the providers can only show dumbfounded, goofy expressions.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how the scum can spend so much money on destruction and negativity, leaving nothing for the improvement of life.

    The fucking morons that live there seem to enjoy a life of hardship.

    There is no hope for them so long as they enjoy being brainwashed into that mindset where they suffer for the good of the shithole while their masters live in absolute luxury, their lazy parasitic offspring being sent to the West they claim to despise so much.

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