Ukrainian radio launched in Mariupol

Antonina Dolomanzhi16:57, 03/12/23

It can be found by searching by frequencies.

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian radio has been launched.

“Ukrainian radio has started working in Mariupol. With a simple search by frequencies,”  Piotr Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, said .

Andryushchenko urged Ukrainians to pass on information about this to relatives in the city.

“Now Ukraine is even closer,” the mayor’s adviser stressed.

What’s happening in Mariupol

Russian occupiers no longer feel safe in occupied Mariupol. The APU daily reminds them that they are close. In  the second half of February,  regular explosions began in Mariupol. Only on February 22, 11 explosions were recorded. “Bavovna” took place in the places of deployment of Rashists.

British intelligence  confirmed that the strikes on Mariupol had alarmed Russia. The city is located at a distance of more than 80 kilometers from the front. This means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the means of defeating a greater distance.

Against the backdrop of the “pop”, the invaders  began to turn off the mobile network when the columns of the Russian Federation were moving through the city in the direction of the front. Explosions continued in March.

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  1. I’m wondering how easy it is to find a job in Ukraine, even for an American who doesn’t know the local language very well. I’m having an increasingly difficult time trying to pay my expenses in Washington state (northwest USA), and if biden wants to send so much of my taxes to Ukraine, I wonder if maybe I should just move there.

    Also, notifications from this blog seem to end up in my email’s junk folder, or I don’t see them at all. So, I’ll try pinning this to check back later.

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