“Turn into a panic!” Syrsky spoke about the military tricks that worked against the Russian army


The Ukrainian defenders resort to military ploys that work effectively against the occupying Russian army. As a result, the invaders panic and make “goodwill gestures”.

This was announced on March 12 by the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky . “War is psychology. If the enemy is nervous, you need to put him in a stable state of anxiety so that he makes mistakes,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

In particular, in recent weeks, the soldiers of the 10th separate mountain assault and 54th separate mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have demonstrated their military cunning.

Their non-standard, asymmetric and daring actions constantly unpleasantly surprise the enemy, Syrsky said.

“The nervous state of the enemy due to uncertainty must be turned into panic, so that it gives rise to chaos, the result of which are” gestures of good will,” the commander explained.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, on March 11, Syrsky said that the Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut were breaking the plans of the invaders. According to him, the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction is not far off.

The commander of the Eastern Group also explained that the defense of Bakhmut allows us to gain time to prepare reserves and prepare for offensives. In addition, in the battles for the city, the aggressor loses the assault detachments of the “Wagnerites”.

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  1. Psychological warfare has been a part of war for eons. In America, this type of warfare were already employed by American troops during the Revolutionary War. The Americans distributed leaflets calling for enemy soldiers to desert the British military. And, according to the Library of Congress, the effort worked as intended. For instance, it inspired thousands of Hessian and British troops to turn their backs on the British Empire and to remain permanently in America.
    Applying psyops on an already demoralized enemy such as the cockroach army is thus a very effective way to further undermine his willingness to fight, or to fight effectively. Knowing about the geniuses of the AFU, their efforts must have a resounding effect, causing even more casualties and problems within the already troubled mafia army.

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