The commander of the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the difficult situation in Bakhmut, all paths are being shot through

Evgenia Sokolenko13:08, 12.03.23

According to him, every Ukrainian soldier is ready to stand.

The commander of the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Denis Yaroslavsky said that the situation with Debaltseve could repeat at Bakhmut , when all routes were cut off, and the exit of troops could endanger the entire column.

“Now in Bakhmut there are battles directly on the streets. There are shooting battles for every lane. In a week and a half, the enemy managed to move 1.5 km deep into Bakhmut from Yagodny. It is difficult to hold every house, every private sector. the so-called operational boiler is just over 4 km,” the unit commander said on the air of Espresso.

According to him, all the ways to secure Bakhmut are now being shot through. The enemy is trying to cut off the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Without logistics, there is nothing – no rotation, no supply of ammunition. The enemy understands this and tries, first of all, to cut off the logistics. We understand that there may be a repetition of Debaltseve. The same situation, when the routes are cut off and a targeted exit of troops can endanger the entire column. Because of this neck, 4 km is very dangerous. Our difference from the Russians, when we took some places into the operational environment during the counteroffensive, the Russians left everything and fled. We stand – this is our spirit, “the military explained.

He stressed that every Ukrainian soldier is ready to stand. The fighters are waiting for their brethren, who are now undergoing training, to come from Europe to help.

“There is also a time to return from the exercises of our corps, which are now in Europe. These are very trained brigades in 3-4 months, which have been trained and are returning with an understanding of the NATO school. We all expect this group to come to support and we will be able to expand this the neck of the operational boiler. Also now, near Bakhmut, the Russians are burning the Wagner PMC. It is a decision to bury them there,” Yaroslavsky summed up.

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