Terrorist Girkin pointed out the place of Prigozhin

Violetta Orlova22:05, 12.03.23

Prigozhin said that after the battles for Bakhmut, the Wagner group would inevitably


Russian terrorist Igor Girkin believes that the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin , should be behind bars, and not dream of going into politics. The day before, “Putin’s cook” hinted at political ambitions.

In a video posted on the militants’ social networks, Prigozhin says that after the battles for Bakhmut, the Wagner group will inevitably expand, hinting at going into politics.

“We will take Artemovsk (Bakhmut). After that, we will slowly start to reboot. Then we will move on to a new stage – we will start recruiting people in various regions. We plan to recruit these people. Prigogine.

After that, the circles of “military correspondents” stated that with this video Prigozhin “signed his own sentence.”

The Rashist audience, along with Girkin, is openly dissatisfied with how stupidly Prigozhin uses the resources of mercenaries in assaults.

In this connection, Girkin said that Prigozhin “in fairness” should “at least be imprisoned.” “Actually, the military tribunal is crying over him. But I am never surprised that the “Cook” himself and the people behind him confuse justice with “concepts.” For “one who was born to crawl cannot fly,” said the terrorist.

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  1. How is Girkin not dead yet?
    Still I don’t get him, he basically only criticizes Russia.
    Why is he even pro-Russian?

    • In some parts of Donbas some people are neither pro-Muscovy or pro-Ukraine, they are on both sides. In the muscovite far east it’s very much the same.

    • Prison. Sir Foccusser you are indeed kind. I’d put them in same grave sucking each others dick through eternity

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