Swiss president backs ban on military aid to Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar21:50, 03/12/23

Swiss weapons should not be used in wars, says the president.

Swiss weapons must not be used in the war in Ukraine . This was stated by Swiss President Alain Berset in an interview with NZZ am Sonntag .

According to him, Switzerland’s policy is based on “commitment to peace, humanitarian law and mediation wherever possible.” He noted that such a position “may seem outdated to some, but it is more important than ever.” 

“It is extremely dangerous to throw these fundamental principles overboard now. As far as Switzerland is concerned, war is not part of [our] DNA. The position of the government is clear. This is also in line with my personal position. Swiss weapons should not be used in wars,” Berset said.

War in Ukraine – the position of Switzerland

At the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Switzerland supported European-wide sanctions against Russia and even froze some Russian assets in its jurisdiction.

At the same time, Switzerland categorically refused to supply weapons to Ukraine and even forbade other countries to transfer weapons to Ukraine that had previously been purchased from Switzerland. 

Also, the Swiss authorities announced the impossibility of confiscating Russian assets that had previously been frozen.

In addition, it became known today that Switzerland is dismantling combat-ready air defense systems that could help Ukraine defend itself against Russian shelling.

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  1. Such a POS. If they’re so peace living why are they producing weapons in the first place. Fuck him and the rest of the Swiss population if they don’t protest such bullshit.

  2. The Swiss are all about money, nothing else matters. They lost their moral compass during the second world war and have not found it.

    • Lest we all forget! At sometime you defend the innocent and the millions of helpless women and children. If a snake where to wrap itself around your neighbor’s neck, you value your life’s principle more than your neighbor’s life. I DO NOT wish to be your neighbor.

  3. If someone sees a woman being raped or killed and doesn’t lift a finger to help, is this being neutral? No, this is failure to follow the duty to rescue. The definition to this law: a duty to rescue describes a circumstance in which a party can be held liable for failing to come to the rescue of another party who could face potential injury or death without being rescued. The Swiss insist on being neutral, but they are actually indirectly assisting a criminal to murder and rape and destroy its victim. The Swiss are thus almost on the same low level of humanity as the cockroaches of mafia land.

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