Russia reacts angrily to its possible renaming by Ukraine to Muscovy

Russia has reacted sharply to Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy’s decision to have Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal study the possibility of renaming Russia as Muscovy, or Moskovia in Ukrainian, in response to a petition that gathered over 25,000 signatures.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova made a propaganda statement about the transformation of Ukraine into “anti-Russia.”

“The man in the bunker (that Zakharova calls Zelenskyy – ed.) proves us right every day. Here is more evidence of an attempt to create an ‘anti-Russia’ Ukraine,” she wrote on Telegram on March 11.

Russia’s Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, reacted to the possible return of the historical title to Russia. He returned to the debunked trope of“Nazism” in Ukraine.

“The Supreme Nazi of Kyiv instructed to work out the issue of renaming Russia to Muscovy. Well, what can I say… Our answer? No, of course not Khokhlandia (‘khokhol’ is commonly used as an ethnic slur for Ukrainians – ed.). And especially not Little Russia. Only Schweinisch Bandera-Reich. Exakt! (German: Swine Bandera Empire. Exactly! – ed.),” Medvedev said, showing off his knowledge of “history” and German.

Zelenskyy previously considered a petition proposing to rename Russia as Moskovia, Russian to Moskovian, and the Russian Federation to the Moscow Federation. The popular petition highlighted that “the historical name of Russia is Muscovy.”

In response to the petition, Zelenskyy instructed Shmyhal to comprehensively work out this issue with scientists.

Muscovy, based off of current capital Moscow, is the historical name of Russia and its state entities: the Moscow principality, kingdom, and empire. It was used in most European languages and some Asian languages. It appears on most European maps from the 16th-19th centuries.

In the Ukrainian language, the terms Moskivshchyna and Moskovshchyna were also used.


  1. “The man in the bunker (that Zakharova calls Zelenskyy – ed.) proves us right every day. Here is more evidence of an attempt to create an ‘anti-Russia’ Ukraine,”

    Well you $5 whore, maybe, just maybe it was the pedo in his bunker that created an anti Russian Ukraine. Or should I say, anti Muscovy Ukraine?

  2. Muscovy is still too nice. Mafia land is more fitting. Shithole is also good. Cesspool too.

        • Not sure if you heard, but the Epicenter that was destroyed in Bucha by the mafia is being rebuilt already.

          • Yes, I’ve even seen the first buildings having been completely rebuild or in the process of being repaired when I there in September. Even a new bridge was being built beside the destroyed one, between Irpin and Kyiv. The Ukrainians sure aren’t wasting any time. 💪

  3. Muscovites are nuts. It was Muskovy that turned Ukraine anti-RuSSia, through corruption, bribes, gas blackmail and a brute war in Donbas they unleashed.

  4. Hey guys if it pisses off the pond scum sucking orcs so much we gotta do it. Where do I sign the petition.

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