In Germany, a Chechen guard severely beat a Ukrainian soldier for the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (photo)

Marta Gichko16:32, 03/12/23

The injured soldier needs surgery.

In Frankfurt, Germany, a security guard of a hotel of Caucasian nationality beat up a Ukrainian military man who arrived for rehabilitation after being wounded and entered the hotel bar in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Novinarnya , citing a comment by the Consul General of Ukraine Vadym Kostyuk, after being beaten, a Ukrainian soldier ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw and concussion. Now he needs an operation. 

“According to our information, on Friday evening, our military man entered the hotel bar in uniform. After several remarks from the staff and the hotel security regarding the discrepancy with its dress code, there was a language skirmish, and then a fight after an attempt by the security (a representative of the peoples of the Caucasus) to take our fighter. As a result of the incident, our citizen suffered a broken jaw and a concussion. The police recorded this fact,” the Consul General said.

Kostyuk noted that the police will provide more detailed information from Monday. The consulate will assist with translation in preparation for jaw surgery and assist with filing a police report and finding a lawyer. In addition, the department said they would try to get video footage from the bar where the incident occurred from the police. 

The department is also engaged in clarifying the norms of the legislation of the two countries regarding the wearing of military uniforms by Ukrainian military personnel abroad and visiting such establishments in it. According to preliminary information, in Germany, to wear a military uniform outside of service, you must obtain a special permit, and foreigners are allowed to wear it during joint exercises, internships and in other cases provided for by a separate bilateral agreement. Ukraine did not conclude such an agreement with Germany.

According to the Facebook community “Ukrainians in Frankfurt am Main”, the incident occurred at the Roomers Hotel. The attacker turned out to be a 23-year-old Chechen. The injured warrior also has a broken nose, damage to his teeth and numerous bruises.

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