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Mar 11

I was going over the images from the past year of the russian brutal war against Ukraine and wanted to share with you everything that I feel, but I cannot. It is impossible to express the anguish that parents feel for their lost child, the pain that a soldier feels from a torn limb, the depression that comes when a child realizes that she will never be able to run as other children, the anxiety from loosing your home and all your financial savings, the helplessness that you feel from not being able to stop this pain and suffering. So, I will just give you those images for you to look at. But please, don’t rush, take a good look, put yourself into that image.


Comment from Ivan Semciw:

“The whole russian Duma must pay the price. The blood, anguish and losses of Ukrainian men, women and children is upon them all. Every single one must be brought to account with their extended families.”

Comment from John Sadowski:

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wiesel.”

Comment from Brian Higgins:

“There is no justification for such horror Russia has inflicted upon Ukraine it will never be forgotten it will be brought to a swift end soon I pray and hope.”

Kristen Gersh:

💔 “My eyes have been flooded with images and stories I cannot comprehend. Minute by minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week ~too many to hold in the forefront of my mind, but I get upset when I recall a story that left my mind. Each one, an entire world, an entire life.

I can’t understand how the world is letting this happen. Trying to be happy for the support given -full well knowing it is not what is needed to prevent further suffering.

I understand the anger one would feel under these pretenses. An unimaginable kind of gratitude?😔

This war needs to end. We (U.S. and rest) NEED to provide the proper equipment to stop this. I can’t comprehend anything less.

Is it important to keep your word? To be trusted? To let let others know they can count on you?

🇺🇸 We need to wake up.”

standwithukraine 🇺🇦

Evgeny Tkacz:

“Heartbreak steels the resolve. Our resolve to prevail over the barbaric Russian hordes, and to secure Ukraine’s freedom once and for all through a battlefield victory.”

Michael Roy Banger:

“I cannot express the sadness and anger I feel when I look at these images. Who, in their right mind, could support Putin and Russia after seeing these pictures. And Russia has the audacity to whinge to the World when Ukraine attacks bases within their borders.”

Comments continued in the same vein. But even this heartbreaking post was trolled. Because it’s LinkedIn, there is no anonymity. One of the most revolting and poisonous trolls I have ever seen. Here is his profile. Take note :

Nayab made a serious of sly, malignant, lying posts. Each one got worse than the last. To see the whole thread, visit LinkedIn. But here is some of this bastard’s poison:

“I accept all this, but if you look at the picture of the man holding his children, his biometrics of his brow to his hairline does not match that of the wounded soldier in the hospital bed. Please be careful about disemenating information that may be looked at as being not factual or propaganda as it doesn’t help your cause.”

Mike E replied :

“Bio crap! It’s him! If I was you I would retract that ridiculous comment!”

Nayab replied: “I was a sketch artist. The eye shape, brow and distance to the hairline are all not matching.”

Christopher Bakes replied to Nayab:

“Masoud Omar-Nayab : declaring a special credential when challenged is one of the most basic logical fallacies. I could just as credibly say I am a trial attorney and esteemed cross-examiner, and know a blowhard when I see one. But I’m too polite to say that.”

Nayab: Christopher Bakes: “Slava fascism and it’s propaganda, the more you attack my moderate and mild observations, the more the enemy validates it’s justifications for this war. Stay classy LinkedIn and your alt truism agenda.” #divideandconquer

Christopher Bakes: “Masoud Omar-Nayab I knew it would not take long for you to fully reveal yourself and your actual agenda. Thank you.”

Nayab: “Christopher Bakes please drop the keyboard and pick up a gun in Defense of your blue eyed blonde haired brethren. That’s is, if you can get up without the assistance of
a mobile aide,…”

Christopher Bakes: “Masoud Omar-Nayab I am sorry to disappoint, but being a fine American blend of Spanish, Celtic and Slavic, there is not a single blonde-haired blue-eyed human in any of my ancestral lines, going back, say 5,000 years.

But that won’t stop me from expressing my gratitude once again for the wonderfully revealing worldview you unwittingly provide in your comments.

Slava Ukraine! God Save the King! Vive La France! God Bless America! And just because, Long live Israel!

Such a wonder, western civilization.”

Nayab: “Christopher Bakes yes, all but the USA. They say Gaza is an open air prison, I would agree. But the USA is an open air sewer and you are most definitely a by product of it. And being American, what was the last war you won? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Korea? WW2 (Russian victory), WW1?, Civil War?( doesn’t count) 1812? I can kee going,…”

Last word goes to Mike E:

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”


  1. Btw, commenter Christopher Bakes IS a Trial Attorney. From Sacramento.
    I’d love to see the foul troll Nayab in the dock, being tried for spreading lies and deceit in the cause of a genocidal nazi regime.
    But Fucker Karlsonov, Tulsi Gabbardova and Marjory Taylor-Greene are closer to the top of priorities.

  2. Prof Sheremeta is effectively saying to the world: “LOOK what they did to us. For God’s sake bring this to an end so we can start to grieve properly and get ALL the unspeakably foul creatures who did this to us punished.”

  3. An internet search showed that Nayab is a fake account. One of many thousands created by putinazi troll farms.
    LinkedIn seem powerless to deal with these scum, who frequently manage to get genuine Ukrainian LinkedIn members banned. It takes many weeks to get back. One of them, Yana Rudenko, is a survivor of Bucha who revealed the truth about putinazi savagery. They managed to get her banned three times. Currently she is banned yet again.
    Lots of LinkedIn members have complained, but so far in vain.

    • Alas, our social medias are very far from being ideal. The operators rely too much on algorithms when it comes to garbage like this dog shit Nayab. They make it easy for dog shit to “report” someone for some trumped-up reason but make it very difficult to get the fake charges dropped. It’s like making it easy to get arrested by a mere denouncement and difficult to get back out of jail again. What does this remind us of? That’s right, of a repressive shithole like mafia land. The shit nuggets from mafia land and other shitholes know how to manipulate our faulty systems. Even now, after years of abuse by them, all across the media landscape, the operators of our social media sites are too fucking lazy, greedy, or just plain stupid to stop this abuse.

  4. I also have seen images and videos that just makes me want to vomit. I’ve seen in real life the consequences of ruskie mir in Ukraine. I’ve stood at the very same spots that various Western leaders stood, to look at the same bombed out apartment buildings, listening to the same words as my guide’s words, “There were people trapped below the rubble of this apartment building basement, shouting for help. But, the russians prevented any rescue attempts. The trapped people fell silent after time, until they were all dead.” The apartment building in question are in Borodyanka and were bombed by mafia aircraft. Thus, the pilots saw exactly what they were bombing.
    And yet, these same Western leaders have continuously dragged their feet when it comes to giving this tortured country what it needs to expel this deeply wicked and despicable enemy as fast as possible, even after seeing the results of this evilness firsthand. For me, this is the greatest pain of all. Knowing that they have the power to do something about it, other than us, who are damned to do what little we can do, and still just drag their feet. I can get to be 200 years old, and yet I still will never be able to understand this.

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