Children of Russian officials do not fight: British intelligence spoke about the death rate in Russia

Vitaly Saenko09:52, 12.03.23

It is noted that due to the war, the death rate in the Russian regions is much higher than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, Russia’s regions are recording significantly higher death rates than the more affluent cities of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

“As Russia continues to experience extremely heavy casualties, the impact differs significantly across Russia’s regions. Depending on their population, the richest cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg – have remained relatively unscathed,” the UK Department of Defense tweeted, citing the data . intelligence.

At the same time, as noted in intelligence, this is especially true for the families of the Russian elites.

So, on February 21, 2023, during the address of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Russians, on the frames one could see Russian officials in the first two rows of the audience. “It is known that none of their children serve in the army,” the statement said.

“In many eastern regions, it is likely that mortality is increasing as a percentage of the population 30+ times higher than in Moscow. On the ground, ethnic minorities suffer the most. In Astrakhan, about 75% of the losses are accounted for by the Kazakh and Tatar minorities,” – said in the message.

“As the Russian Ministry of Defense seeks to eliminate the persistent shortage of combat personnel, the marginalization of the wealthier and more powerful members of Russian society will very likely remain a major issue,” the statement said.

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  1. It’s common knowledge that the children of the mafia elite do not fight. They are living the high life across Western countries, who gladly look the other way as they take their dirty money.

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