“Bones are falling apart”: Saakashvili is on the verge of death – Sky News

Yuri Kobzar20:30, 12.03.23

The state of health of the former President of Georgia continues to deteriorate.

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is on the verge of death in the hospital where he was transferred from prison. This was reported by the British channel Sky News, whose journalists were able to get a written commentary from the politician.

It is noted that journalists were not allowed into the hospital, but they were able to convey questions through a lawyer and received written answers.

“At first I weighed 120 kilograms, now – 64. If I become less than 60, doctors predict multiple organ failure. I am in bed all the time, my bones are falling apart, and this causes excruciating pain,” Saakashvili answered the question of how close he was to death.

The ex-president’s lawyer Shalva Khachapuridze generally confirms the words of his client.

“This is a terrible situation. He looks like a concentration camp prisoner in Nazi Germany,” the lawyer said.

Saakashvili’s health problems

Serious health problems for the former president of Georgia began in November 2021 , when he went on hunger strike for almost two months in protest against his detention by the Georgian authorities.

The first time after the end of the hunger strike, Saakashvili began to recover, but then his health deteriorated again. In the fall of 2022, the politician’s lawyers said that their ward was probably poisoned in prison .

Ukraine and other European countries are calling on the Georgian authorities to release Saakashvili for treatment, but the Georgian court refused to do so . In February, the media published videos from the hospital dating back to October. They show that even then Saakashvili was in a very serious condition.

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  1. Excruciating. A distinguished politician is the subject of state-sponsored slow motion murder. That state of course being putlerstan.
    The tiny poisoner loves his victims to suffer in terrible pain.
    It’s shocking that this has been allowed to continue for so long.
    Get him out now.

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