Belarusian border guards say they are intimidated by effigy hung up their Ukrainian colleagues

Belarusian border guards have complained on state television that they are being intimidated by their Ukrainian colleagues, who allegedly hung an effigy of a Russian serviceman on the border with Belarus.

“A mock-up of a hanged serviceman in Russian uniform, whom the Ukrainian border guards named Valera, was installed. They specified that this was a serviceman killed near Kyiv,” Sergei Pavlov, an official representative of the Mozyr border detachment, said on Belarusian national television on March 12.

Pavlov said that this was allegedly done for the purpose of intimidating and putting psychological pressure on the Belarusian border guards.

Ukrainian border guards, in turn mocked the Belarusian military for being frightened by the mannequin.

“We’re not trying to scare anyone, we’re just dropping a hint…” the State Border Service of Ukraine said in answer to the complaints from the Belarusian border guards.


  1. “We’re not trying to scare anyone, we’re just dropping a hint…”

    If Luka’s army are scared of an effigy, they would be wise to stay in their own shithole.

  2. Maybe the Ukrainians ought to hang up signs instead, with I Want To Live phone numbers that the Belarusians can call to find out how to surrender.

    • Could have the effigy on one side and the IWant to Live numbers on the other side of border checkpoints.

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